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Connotations is run by Anthony Green.

Born in the UK and living now for over twenty years in Christchurch, New Zealand, Tony has over thirty years’ experience of working in Singapore and travelling around Southeast Asia (**). Add to that many years spent in education (and a much shorter time spent working in offices, an aircraft factory, and even driving London buses) and you get a broad base of experience and knowledge; a pretty large comfort zone and the possibility of a wide-ranging empathy for people.


But nobody works alone. If you listen to other people and hear how they see things then over time you build a network and those good connections and friendships mean we can draw on the knowledge, the conversations and the skills of others. In this case it’s created links across different communities, languages, faiths, and a wide range of professional specialisations.


(**) So, no surprise, a good deal of our work has been done in Southeast Asia, and Singapore in particular. Though much of the writing has related to the Muslim community, our approach is one of openness and inclusivity. The copy-editing work takes in many other fields.














All of this comes together to deliver a service offering:

Cross-cultural understanding – time in Southeast Asia builds an international perspective and valuable knowledge; a close relationship to the Muslim world brings more;
Wide-ranging interests and experience – of places, and ways of working;
Curiosity – about ideas, initiatives, and the values people live by;
Respect for words and images and how they work together – the well-chosen words, not the tired ones; and the images that flow and are dynamic;
A sense of humour – my father used to say, “Take what you do seriously (that means your work) but don’t take yourself too seriously.” It’s always seemed like valuable advice!
Listening – we aim to listen and to ask good questions;
Valuable feedback and attention to detail – take a look at “What people have said” for comments on the editing and copy-editing work we’ve done for academics;
Honesty – just like you, we want our name to be trusted.