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I would like to recommend Anthony Green at Connotations for his editing skills. He has a way of simplifying very complex ideas that can then speak to non-specialists. In my case this produced a compelling argument in our bid for a million dollar research grant, which we were awarded. I don’t care how good academics think they are at writing research proposals, Tony’s skill at refining manuscripts with such attention to detail and meaning made our bid more readable and persuasive.


Dr Steve Weddell, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
The University of Canterbury (New Zealand)
(For work on an application for a Marsden Grant for research into the use of adaptive optics in compensating for the effects of atmospheric turbulence in ground-based telescopes)






Once again many thanks for your help in which, unlike others, you have been at such pains to respect the author's intentions so scrupulously. What a wonderful contrast to the rough and heavy ways in which some editors like to proceed!


Prof Michael Loewe – Academic and Sinologist, Fellow of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.
(For work on Dong Zhongshu, a ‘Confucian’ Heritage and the CHUNQIU FANLU)


Having had a chance to look over a few of the essays you worked on, I want to affirm your way of proposing changes. It's far less intrusive than the previous copy editor's method was, but just as insistent on accuracy and as allergic to ambiguity.


Prof Richard Fox Young, Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey.
(For work on Asia in the Making of Christianity)


I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your care and thoroughness in all this endeavor – a reassuring contrast with some of our authors…


Prof Pierre-Etienne Will, Collège de France, Paris
(For work on China, Democracy, and Law)


Many thanks for your explanation. I have read the first three chapters, and realised that you have done an excellent job in editing it. Your notes are very very helpful, explaining to me clearly why there is a problem.


Assoc Prof Jia Gao, University of Melbourne
(For work on Chinese Activism of a Different Kind)


Yes, this is now the time for you to part company with Marco Polo. Many thanks for all your help and patience indeed. It was very good to collaborate with you in this project, and I hope that you also enjoyed it to some extent. Perhaps there will be other opportunities to work with you again in the future.


Prof Hans-Ulrich Vogel, University of Tübingen
(For work on “Marco Polo was in China”)



























































Feedback received from authors on the copyediting work done for them. These are academic titles published by Brill publishing house, Leiden, Holland.