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If you’re interested in working together on a project, please get in touch.


Copy Editing

If it’s a copy-editing assignment, our charges are based on an hourly rate. Email to us a chapter of your text (or the complete thing) with either an actual total word count or an estimate. Include a deadline for your project, your preference for language (UK English? US English?) and any style guides that have to be complied with (eg Chicago Manual of Style).


We will reply with an estimate of costs for the work. You are then free to proceed with us or to go elsewhere. Our promise to you is that your work will remain confidential and will not be discussed with any other party unless you, the client, allow this by instructing us in writing.



. . . why charge by an hourly rate?

The reason for this way of working is that word counts often don’t give a good basis for calculation. 5,000 words written by one author may take much more time to work through than the same number from another. The text or subject matter may be more complex; one style of writing may ‘read’ more easily than another, etc. This can also be a significant issue in a collection of essays, where different authors have contributed essays in very contrasting styles.



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A word about time difference:

Being based in New Zealand means being roughly 12 hours ahead of Europe (your early morning is our late evening of the same day); about nine hours ahead of the Gulf; four – five hours ahead of Southeast Asia; and about eighteen hours ahead of the east coast of the USA.
(Just something to bear in mind if you’re intending to call)