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IE Singapore Oil and Gas



A series of four small books for International Enterprise Singapore, the government agency “promoting international trade and partnering Singapore companies in going global.” Each book profiled a number of companies offering international expertise: in infrastructural engineering; hospitality industries; water and wastewater; and petrochemical / process engineering.


The task was to interview CEOs or similar, identify the company’s focus and points of difference, and convey the technical aspects in language that an informed “ordinary Joe” can appreciate.






Hand to Heart


An attempt to document the many grassroots organisations that came up in Singapore from the dawn of the twentieth century to address the felt needs of a community in the time of colonial government and its preconceptions.






Keeping the Faith


Engaged here to “flesh out” the text that had already been written and to add more in the way of human interest: to include details of personal tussles and testing times and perhaps unexpected responses.





IE Singapore Water Industries


One of the books produced for International Enterprise Singapore – profiling different industry sectors. Each book called for interviews with CEOs or people at a similar level, in order to create 1,000-word summaries promoting companies and what they can offer. This book focussed on water and wastewater engineering – companies with expertise in reverse osmosis technologies, complex wastewater treatments, desalination and the like.



Muis 50


The most recent of four “commemorative” books we’ve written for Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Singapore’s Islamic Council) – this 50th anniversary book documents the scope of their work and the way that it has developed over those years.


The other books have included Hajj administration, and the Mosque Building Fund.